Lens to Life

Before & After Edited Images

Below is a sample of images that show the difference between ‘retouched’ images and those that are edited for album purposes. ¬†Please see a more detailed description under each set of images to help try and educate our clients on the benefits of investing in a professional photographer and not just ‘Uncle Bob’ who has a good camera. ūüôā

Obviously utilising special landmarks of your day and creating amazing images at the same time is very important. ¬†Here this beautiful little chapel shadows the bride & groom so we want to firstly get the exposure correct to not lose detail in the sky but also have enough light on the couple to be able to bring them out/lighten them up in post production. ¬†We’ve straighten some walls and warmed up the image and enhanced the sun glare to create the finished product.

Sometimes the little moments count the most. ¬†This image may not look as spectacular as the others but it’s the story and feeling it relates thats the real winner. ¬†Anticipation about whats about to happen on a wedding day is crucial which comes with years on experience. ¬†Turning it Black & White helps us highlight this special moment and connection between Mother & Daughter and the Groom & Father in Law.

This image is more of a creative Fine Art piece. ¬†Exposing correctly in camera is key and then playing with colour toning & texture finishes this ‘Wow’ image. ¬†Most couples when seeing this image in person say it looks just like a painting. ¬†Something very unique which only professionals can produce.

This image illustrates the use of off camera flash. ¬†You can see the halo of light around them in the top image which was produced by the flash. ¬†If we didn’t do this the couple would have been way to dark to make anything special of this picture. ¬†The real hero of this image is of course the amazing sky so we had to ensure we got both elements (couple/sky) how we wanted in camera to be able to produce the final result at the editing stage. ¬†Stunning!

The brides dress is extremely important obviously, so for this image to work we had to ensure we didn’t lose detail in the dress. ¬†To try to explain it simply, we set our exposure for the dress but knew there was enough light hitting the building to be able to create the final scene. ¬†Knowing and working with light once again is crucial and can’t be underestimated or else your images will be a mess. ¬†Thinking quickly & visualising what the finished image will look like before it is even taken once again shows the benefits of having a professional photographer.

Some images just need subtle changes to make them visually so much more appealing.  This one just had some minor adjustments.  Some of them being straightening of horizon, bringing out the bride & groom and the beautiful flowers they were surrounded by and slight colour toning to bring in a much warmer feel.