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Churchill Island Wedding Photography – Terri & Steve

Terri & Steve’s Churchill Island Wedding was held on Saturday 5 December 2015.  Below are some words from the couple about their relationship and their big day.


Q. When and how did you meet? And what were your first thoughts?
A. We met on Phillip Island in the Summer of 07/08, through Terri’s brother who was mates with Steve and is to be Steve’s Best Man.


Q. When and how did the proposal take place and how did you feel?
A. Steve proposed while on a family road trip in November 2014. At the time, we were camping in Minnie Water NSW, listening to the radio when Bruno Mars’ song “Marry You” came on. It must have inspired Steve and he got down on one knee!


Q. Where are you going on your honeymoon?
A. Likuliku Lagoon Resort – an adult only resort in Fiji!!


Q. What are your future plans together (e.g. buying a house/starting a family)
A. We would like to one day own a few acres and build a family home on it. We would also like to extend our family and give our two girls another sibling.


Q. Where is your ceremony and reception being held and why did you choose these venues?
A. Churchill Island Heritage Farm
The ceremony will be held in the beautiful orchard on Churchill Island, followed by a reception held in giant tipi supplied by Tipikata, on the lawn in front on the visitors center.


Q. What does your wedding dress look like? Please give a detailed description and also include any accessories including jewellery and shoes.
A. It’s a Nicolina dress, made of satin with an organza overlay and lace, with embroidered sequins, beading and pearls.


Q. Do you have a Theme or style to your wedding? And if so, what is it?
A. We didn’t set out to have a theme but it could be described as rustic/country/relaxed.


Q. Hair & Makeup – please describe what your hair and makeup is like and who the suppliers are.
A. A full up-do and make-up by Jess from Brush & Brows


Q. Who is the person conducting your service? (celebrant, minister, priest etc).
A. The beautiful Pam Lewis from Phillip Island Ceremonies


Q. Florist – what are your flowers like & who is the supplier?
A. Tamara Rogers from Styled in Season


Q. Wedding Favours & Cake – what are they like and who is the supplier?
A. Guests will be given sunny holders which were designed by Steve and our cake and cup cakes by Elaine Lloyed from Elaine’s Cakes and Bakes


Q. Transport – what mode of transport did you choose and who was the supplier?
A. VL Walkinshaw stretch limousine from Muscle Car Limousines


Q. Food & Drink – what are they like and who is the supplier if not venue?
A. A hornet BBQ buffet supplied by Spitting Image Catering. We are supplying all the drinks which will be served by the awesome girls in The Wandering Woodsman – a vintage caravan turned into a bar!


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