Lens to Life

Craigs Hut Wedding Album – Jason & Wendy

Living in Gippsland, we don’t often get to photograph a high country wedding, so we were delighted when we had the opportunity to work on Wendy and Jason’s Craigs Hut Wedding Album.  Beautiful scenery, lovely relaxed couple and great weather all helped with the final outcome. See completed album below.

craigs hut wedding Craigs_Hut_Wedding_-02 Craigs_Hut_Wedding_-03 Craigs_Hut_Wedding_-04 Craigs_Hut_Wedding_-05 Craigs_Hut_Wedding_-06 Craigs_Hut_Wedding_-07 Craigs_Hut_Wedding_-08 Craigs_Hut_Wedding_-09 Craigs_Hut_Wedding_-10 Craigs_Hut_Wedding_-11 Craigs_Hut_Wedding_-12 Craigs_Hut_Wedding_-13 Craigs_Hut_Wedding_-14 Craigs_Hut_Wedding_-15 Craigs_Hut_Wedding_-16 Craigs_Hut_Wedding_-17 Craigs_Hut_Wedding_-18