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Family Photography Gippsland – The Curtin Family

The Curtin family recently took part in our Little Ray of Sunshine Charity book project. This gorgeous family had lots of fun creating (and eating marshmallows during) this camp fire scene. We were lucky enough to get an evening with a fantastic sunset which always helps images look their best. Thanks once again to this family for donating their time and money to help raise funds for kids with cancer.

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family photography gippsland
Family_Photography_Gippsland001 Family_Photography_Gippsland002 Family_Photography_Gippsland003 family photography gippsland Family_Photography_Gippsland005 Family_Photography_Gippsland006 Family_Photography_Gippsland007 Family_Photography_Gippsland008 Family_Photography_Gippsland009 Family_Photography_Gippsland010 Family_Photography_Gippsland011 Family_Photography_Gippsland012 Family_Photography_Gippsland013