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FAQ- Wedding Photography

How much should I budget for my wedding photography?
Budgeting can often be as simple as pulling figures from the air. It is difficult to budget correctly when you are buying something for the first time and without knowing the true value of the service you are getting. Many photographers do not advertise their prices because every wedding is different and photographers often customize their packages to suit the client. This makes budgeting even more difficult when you can’t make comparisons. The price differences between photographers will incorporate their experience, qualifications, style and skill. As well as product quality and service level.
Basically, like most things “you get what you pay for.”
To give you an idea, the guide below shows what you can expect to pay:
$1000-$2000 – part-time amateur with low to average skills, little experience and only shoot and burn products.
$3000-$8000 – highly skilled and experienced professionals, renowned in the industry, with more creative flair and luxury products.
Do you have a backup camera in case of emergency?
Yes always. And battery packs.
How many will we receive?

We take images as we see them so there is not an exact number however to give you an idea usually anywhere between 400 to 700.
Do you require a deposit?

Yes we require a $1000 booking fee to secure your wedding date.
Does the customer retain copyright of all images?

What happens if you are ill or unavailable on the day of our wedding?

I have a number of fantastic wedding photographer associates who can always help out should the case arise. Mind you, this has never happened yet.
I would like to meet with you before I make a decision to book you for my wedding day. Is that possible?

Of course. We prefer to meet with both the bride and groom as it will ensure they are more relaxed on the day. Creating more fun and better images.
Do you work outside of Melbourne?

I am a destination wedding photographer, therefore I am available to work anywhere in the world. Travel and accommodation costs will be the responsibility of the client.
How and when do we get to see our photos?

Your images are generally ready to view when you get back from your honeymoon approx 4-6 weeks.