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Immerse Yarra Valley Wedding – Rohan & Bianca

Immerse Yarra Valley Wedding – Rohan & Bianca were married at Immerse Winery in the Yarra Valley on Friday 28th October 2016.  We like to get to know a little more about our brides and grooms so below is some words from our happy couple about their relationship history and their wedding day.

Q. When and how did you meet? And what were your first thoughts?

Rohan and Bianca met at Daisy’s Nightclub through a mutual friend in October 2007. This was just before Bianca was about to turn 19 and Rohan was only 17 at the time. So over the summer, Bianca was constantly going to have “icecream” “coffee” or “going shopping” with her friends, so Enes and Deb (Bianca’s parents) thought! But she was sneaking off to see Rohan as he wasn’t old enough to drive yet! It wasn’t until January 6th 2008, after a night out, that they decided to make it official.

Q. When and how did the proposal take place and how did you feel?

We went away to Sydney for March Labour day weekend to the watch first Melbourne Storm game of the season as we are members. It was also part of my birthday present and Rohan had never been to Sydney.  Upon arriving in Sydney on Friday, we realised it was Mardi Gra Weekend. We stayed at the beautiful Meriton appartments.  Friday night we went out for dinner to Darling Harbour and noticed Sydney celebrated a month of love – moon light cinemas, gigantic love hearts in lights, fireworks every night in the harbour, as well as you could hire little gondolas! Rohan thought it was the perfect area to propose and he would do it Saturday night (the last night of the month of love for Sydney and a longer display of fireworks). Saturday night we went to a beautiful restaurant along the harbour and had entree, main and dessert, which we never have! Rohan was hoping to wait until the fireworks were over and propose at the table.  Instead, the waiters hurried us up and it was the quickest 3 course meal we’ve ever had! We paid the bill and went for a walk waiting for the fireworks. There was a huge crowd, such beautiful music playing while the fireworks went off.  I was standing there thinking, what a beautiful moment it would be if a guy was to propose at that time! Rohan thought the same, but decided I’d might not be able to hear him over the music and fireworks! After the fireworks ended he thought he’d take me around to the big light up love hearts and get someone to take a picture, and propose at that moment. But I dragged Rohan off to the taxi line to go to King Cross! It was crazy busy and half the streets were shut because of Mardi Gra! We made it to Kings Cross and had a walk around.  He was a little disappointed and didn’t know what the hype was about. We made our way to a bar to have a few drinks, here Rohan was shitty and no fun.  So I cracked it and said let’s go somewhere else. We went for another walk and Rohan cracked it again and said let’s go back to the hotel. Now I realise why, and he was so nervous walking around with my ring in his pocket!  I was angry because he was in such a foul mood!

The next day we woke up and had pancakes at the Rocks and then decided to make our way over to Manly for the day. We found a rooftop bar and sat out in the beautiful sun. Rohan had a pair of shorts on and said, can I put all the change in your bag so it doesn’t weigh my shorts down. I was none the wiser (it was because he didn’t want to get it mixed up with my ring in his pocket again)! We sat up in the sun all afternoon.  Rohan was just about to get up the courage to ask and I asked to move out of the sun as I was getting burnt. We decided to go to the sports bar instead and watch the cricket! It would have been the perfect proposal for a guy!

After the cricket, we decided to head back to the city for dinner and find a nice dumpling restaurant! On the way back, Rohan thought about proposing on the ferry, but there were way too many tourists and cameras around!

We finally made it back to the hotel, and Rohan was sitting on the end of the bed. I sat on his lap and said “Thank you for such an amazing weekend away, this has just been what we have needed” his reply “You’re welcome, I just want to make you happy for the rest of your life” he picked me up and he dropped to a knee, he pulled the ring out of his pocket and said “Will you?” I stood shocked and in hysterical tears and kept asking him, “Are you sure.  Are you sure you want this?  We can wait.” He said it felt like a lifetime, and asked” So is it a yes?!” Of course I replied with a “Yes!”

Q. Where are you going on your honeymoon?

We are off on our 1st Holiday since 2011!
Los Angeles, Las Vegas &  Playa Del Carmen (Mex)

Q. What are your future plans together?

Plans after marriage, do a little bit to our house we built 2 years ago and we would still like things done!
We hope to start a family in the near future as well 🙂

Q. Where is your ceremony and reception being held and why did you choose these venues?

Immerse Winery- We fell in love with the Chapel and Gardens.
Photos from other photographers look amazing!
I love how big the separate dance floor is!

Q. What does your wedding dress look like? Please give a detailed description and also include any accessories including jewellery and shoes.

My Dress is by Mia Solano and purchased from Luv Bridal – Moonee Ponds.
It is a Ivory Lace gown, loveheart neckline, corset back, mermaid silhouette with a detailed belt at the waist.

Q. Do you have a Theme or style to your wedding? And if so, what is it?

I don’t really have a theme.  I’m going for Modern Classic I suppose.  I don’t really want anything to date. There will be lots of mirrors.

Q. Hair & Makeup – please describe what your hair and makeup is like and who the suppliers are.

Makeup- Jodie Melissa Makeup Artistry.  Hair- Hair by Ellie Abbey (cousin) my hair will be all curled and but put up in a low messy bun at the back

Q. Who is the person conducting your service? (celebrant, minister, priest etc).

Celebrant- Anne Overton- Family Friend

Q. Florist – what are your flowers like & who is the supplier?

Debbie O’Neill – We are having Roses and Lisianthus. Debbie is doing two hanging floral arrangements and all the table centre pieces

Q. Wedding Favours & Cake – what are they like and who is the supplier?

Cake- White chocolate mud- Creme De La Cakes with Debbies flowers/ Favours- TAB tickets for the Melbourne Cup race as we get married Melbourne Cup weekend 🙂

Q. Transport – what mode of transport did you choose and who was the supplier?

Navy Rolls Royce for myself – Mum had the same type for her wedding. Girls are going in a black Lexus- Jim Mclean.  I’m surprising Rohan with a black range rover sport- Range Rover Wedding Cars

Q. Is there any other supplier you would specifically like to mention:

Videographer- Allure Productions
LOVE signs on grass and Light up initals on dancefloor- The Big Letter Co.
Photobooth- The Photobooth Co.

Yarra Valley Wedding Photography

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