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Yarra Valley Wedding

Yarra Valley Weddings are astounding. As this region entices travelers from all over the world it is true that the backdrop of this beautiful region can only enhance your wedding photos and ad to the beauty of your day.

The Yarra Valley has long been known as a world renowned wine region. It is sometimes compared to the Tuscany region of Northern Italy or Bordeaux or Burgundy in the South of France.  And comes with some equally beautiful backdrops.  Therefore the romance of this location is the perfect spot to hold your wedding. Matched with the world class wines comes some amazing local cruisine. And with an enormous number wineries also posing as wedding venues you will not be hard pressed to find one that suits your needs. Two of our favorites are Yering Station and Chateau Yering.  However their are many others.

Wedding photography is not difficult in this region. The beautiful vineyards, rolling hills and beautiful modern and historic buildings ensures there is something for everyone.  We suggest taking a day trip to this region and going on a winery tour.  This is a great way to get a feel of the venues and to work out which one is the best for you.

Yarra Valley Wedding Photography

Yarra Valley Wedding