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melbourne wedding photography – Lucas & Sarah

Lucas and Sarah’s Wedding was held at The Old Treasury Building in Melbourne on 15th September 2016.  Giving us the opportunity to get some melbourne wedding photography classics.  Here are some words from the Bride and Groom about how they met and their wedding day.

Q. When and how did you meet? And what were your first thoughts?
A. Sarah was friends with my older brother and over many years we grew very close and eventually couldn’t hide our feelings from each other any longer.
Q. When and how did the proposal take place and how did you feel?
A. I was planning a romantic getaway but two days before we were scheduled to leave, our accommodation burnt down, so I popped the question on one knee in the kitchen with our dogs sitting on either side of me. I had to convince Sarah to stand still for a minute so I could ask her.
Q. Where are you going on your honeymoon?
A. We haven’t booked a honeymoon yet but are thinking maybe Europe in the next few years.
Q. What are your future plans together?
A. Buy a house and start a family ASAP
Q. Where is your ceremony and reception being held and why did you choose these venues?
A. We originally planned a big wedding but wanted to have something a bit more personal so we’re getting married in secret at the Old Treasury Building.
Q. What does your wedding dress look like? Please give a detailed description and also include any accessories including jewellery and shoes.
A. Sarah’s dress is Ivory, very long and very boofy. A real princess’ dress.
Q. Hair & Makeup – please describe what your hair and makeup is like.
A. Hair dyed red and curledat ID Hair with makeup done by a friend, Martina.
Q. Who is the person conducting your service? (celebrant, minister, priest etc).
A. Celebrant
Q. Florist – what are your flowers like & who is the supplier?
A. A simple bouquet of ivory roses from Blooms on Brice.
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