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[Mornington Peninsula Wedding] – Nick & Sarah

We are thrilled to be able to show you the images of Nick & Sarah’s mornington peninsula wedding held at Coolart Wetlands & Homestead on the 16th October 2012. This midweek wedding, held on a Tuesday, proved to be a great success. Nick and Sarah were a very relaxed couple who thoroughly enjoyed the day with their two young daughters and were a pleasure to photograph. There ceremony was followed by a reception held at the Somers Yacht Club and you will see in the beach images below, we were lucky to get some great photo’s and get inside just before the rain pelted down!

Peninsula_Wedding_Coolart_Wetlands001 Peninsula_Wedding_Coolart_Wetlands002 Peninsula_Wedding_Coolart_Wetlands003 Peninsula_Wedding_Coolart_Wetlands004 Peninsula_Wedding_Coolart_Wetlands005 Peninsula_Wedding_Coolart_Wetlands006 Peninsula_Wedding_Coolart_Wetlands007 Peninsula_Wedding_Coolart_Wetlands008 Peninsula_Wedding_Coolart_Wetlands009 Peninsula_Wedding_Coolart_Wetlands010 Peninsula_Wedding_Coolart_Wetlands011 Peninsula_Wedding_Coolart_Wetlands012 Peninsula_Wedding_Coolart_Wetlands013 Peninsula_Wedding_Coolart_Wetlands014 Peninsula_Wedding_Coolart_Wetlands015 Peninsula_Wedding_Coolart_Wetlands016