Lens to Life

Kyra & Evie – Phillip Island Family Photography

Little Evie was awesome fun during our photo session for the ‘Little Ray of Sunshine’ children’s art book.  A beautiful evening at one of Phillip Islands magic beaches allowed Evie to simply be herself with her dog and thats when we get the best photos.  Even convinced Mum to have some beautiful photos and so glad we did as they are just awesome emotive photos of the two of them together.  Tell me these sort of images would not be priceless now and especially in the years to come!


Family_Photography_Phillip_Island001 Family_Photography_Phillip_Island002 Family_Photography_Phillip_Island003 Family_Photography_Phillip_Island004 Family_Photography_Phillip_Island005 Family_Photography_Phillip_Island006 Family_Photography_Phillip_Island007 Family_Photography_Phillip_Island008 Family_Photography_Phillip_Island009 Family_Photography_Phillip_Island010 Family_Photography_Phillip_Island011