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phillip island images – The Haydon Family

Another one of our wonderful families who volunteered their children for our Little Ray of Sunshine project to assist the YAMS Foundation.  We originally met with this couple when we photographed their wedding, so it was great to have the opportunity to photograph their beautiful boys.  The couple came up with this idea of the boys on the raft and it turned out to be a ripper!  The boys were so engrossed with the raft (and of course the wonderful beach setting…including SAND) that they barely noticed being photographed which resulted in much more relaxed and natural photography.

Phillip Island Images

phillip island images Phillip_Island_Photography002 Phillip_Island_Photography003 Phillip_Island_Photography004 Phillip_Island_Photography005 Phillip_Island_Photography006 Phillip_Island_Photography007 Phillip_Island_Photography008 Phillip_Island_Photography009 Phillip_Island_Photography010 Phillip_Island_Photography011 Phillip_Island_Photography012 phillip island images