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Faq Portrait Photography

FAQ- Portrait Photography

[collapse title=”What is the process if I book a portrait photography session with Lens to Life?” active=”true”]
Firstly we will arrange a pre-consultation session to meet with you and to discuss the portrait session. We will discuss such things as who is in the images, where the session is to be held, what to wear and what products we have available. We will also schedule a time to do the session. Approximately 2 -3 week after the portrait session has taken place, we will invite you back into our studio for a viewing session. You can then sit back relax and enjoy a slideshow of your images. And decide what you would like to purchase.
[collapse title=”Can I purchase my images in High Resolution format?”]
Absolutely however, our studio is definitely not a ‘shoot and burn type studio’. We specialize in creating amazing wall art for your home therefore we only offer the high resolution images purchased on a USB as part of our collections.
[collapse title=”Do I bring my own clothes & accessories?”]
Please feel free to bring along any outfit changes or accessories that you feel may enhance your images if you so wish. With regard to colours, we recommend that you stick to clothing that is neutral tones (whites, blacks, greys, browns) and without two many patterns. This way when you look at the photos your eyes are directed to the people in them, not the clothes. Images can also look great if everyone is wearing similar things like all in blue jeans with white T-shirts that type of thing. But in saying this it is totally up to you and most important is that you are all comfortable in what you are wearing.
[collapse title=”I’m not very photogenic, can you make me look good?”]
We hear this often and generally it’s because of unprofessional photo’s being taken on unprofessional devices, in poor light, combined with bad poses. Our professional photographers know how to take a photo, in fact, making you look good is their job. We will ensure that the correct light, backgrounds, exposures and posing techniques are used to enhance your best features. We also offer ‘after shoot’ retouching.
[collapse title=”When will my order be ready?”]
Your order will be completed with in 3 – 4 weeks of your photo session.
[collapse title=”How much does it cost?”]
The portrait session cost is $145
[collapse title=”When do I pay for my order?”]
Any purchases must be made on the day of your viewing session. Due to time constraints we are only able to offer one viewing session.
[collapse title=”How can I pay for my order?”]
We accept cash, cheque, credit card (master card or visa), or eftpos. We also have an easy payment plan available, where we require 30% deposit on the day of your viewing.
[collapse title=”How long do you keep images on file? Can we re-order later?”]
We’d love to say that we can guarantee your images will be available forever however due to the huge amount of data compiled in photographic images our systems simply do not have the space to hold onto them indefinitely. Therefore we do recommend that you place orders on the day of your shoot to avoid disappointment at a later date.
[collapse title=”Do you have packages available?”]
Absolutely! We have a range of collections. Prints are available individually, framed or other options include Canvas, Acrylic or even Metal. We also offer photobooks and albums.
[collapse title=”Are you open on Weekends?”]
No. We are out photographing weddings most weekends. [/collapse]
[collapse title=”Do you do image enhancement?”]
Yes. [/collapse]