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Potters Receptions Warrandyte – Michael & Sherrie

The Warrandyte Wedding of Michael & Sherrie was held at Potters Reception wedding venue on Saturday 2nd November 2o13.
Where and how did you meet?
We met at Coles in Hastings in 1999 when we commenced our first jobs. Only as friends for a decade.
When and how did the proposal take place?
The proposal was on Monday the 17 of October 2011 in Queensland on a surprise holiday in a gondola while fireworks were popping above us. I was very overwhelmed with excitement.
Where are you going on your honeymoon?
What are your future plans?
Starting a family of little Petrovics.
Where is the ceremony & reception?
Potters in Warrandyte. We chose the venue as it had everything we were looking for in a venue. It is very easy to get to and the photo ops where fantastic.
What does your wedding dress look like?
Will have to answer without Michael here.
What is the Theme or style of your wedding?
Today I marry my best friend. Style: modern glam.
Jewelry & Accessories:
Sabrina Moda
Hair & Makeup:
Hair done by Luke from Salon D’Cazbar in Hastings.
Makeup done by Jane ” Belle of the Ball ”
Wedding Favours & Cake:
Wedding favours by “The Candy Buffet Company ”
Cake by Michelle “House of Elegant Cakes” – three tired ivory chocolate cake
Invitations & Stationary:
Fine finish invitations. Elegant and classy – very talked about
Food & Drink:
Food and drink all supplied by potters
Flowers – Trish from Tyabb roses
Photobooth from Treasured Mems.

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