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Professional Real Estate Photography

Lens to Life Photography prides itself on giving you the highest quality Real Estate Photos using the latest photographic equipment. Wow your clients now with professional real estate photographs that scream quality. Should you get professional photos done you ask? Yes and here’s why…

1. Professional photos make you stand out from the crowd 

Airbnb is usually crowded with listings in your area. In most cases, there will be properties that appear more appealing compared to your own. Because of increasing competition, it will be important to make sure your listing stands out from the crowd. 

Among all these listings, yours needs to be striking, and you have 8 seconds to grab your guests attention. Some even say 3 seconds, and that’s only for your listing image and title. The point is, you want your first picture to be exceptional, different and intriguing. 

Sounds like a lot? 

Professional photography will help you differentiate yourself from other listings. Showcasing its best features, with brighter backgrounds and spacious settings will have a better chance of grabbing an interested guest’s attention. 

House Owners Image

Lens to Life’s Image

2. Triggers guest’s emotions

You’re probably aware of your property’s potential, but your guests aren’t. They’ve never been to your home before. 

Picture yourself searching for your next destination, and suddenly coming across a photo of a white sandy beach, turquoise water and giant palm trees in the background. You are suddenly aware this will be the ideal place to go for your next holiday. 

Same goes with your guests. Triggering your guests’ emotions with professionally presented pictures is the main goal. With emotions triggered, you are one step closer to getting your guests to book your property.

House Owners Image

Lens to Life’s Image

3. Helps you set a higher price

An Airbnb study found that listings with professionally taken pictures tend to charge nightly rates 26% higher than listings without. 

You know that feeling when you’re not sure if you should buy a product because: “what am I getting myself into, I don’t even know how it looks”. Well it’s the exact same for your guests, you wouldn’t expect them to pay the highest price for a property that doesn’t even look that good in pictures. 

Having professional photos of your property adds value to your listing, allowing you to set a higher price. 

House Owners Image

Lens to Life’s Image

4. Helps you get more bookings 

When you stand out from the crowd of other listings around you, your listing will automatically increase your number of bookings. Airbnb data shows that listings with professionally taken photographs have on average 24% more bookings than listings without. 

House Owners Image

Lens to Life’s Image

5. Increases your income

So, professional photography increases your bookings together with your nightly price, can you guess what increase comes naturally? 

That’s right, your income! Simply by adding professionally taken photos to your listing can increase your revenue by 40% compared to listings with self-taken photos. (Airbnb data from 2016)

Experience the difference with Lens to Life photography, contact Lucas now on 0414 343 104 or lpiera@lenstolife.com.au!

Pricing is as follows:

  • 6 Images supplied as both High & Low resolution – $145
  • 8 Images supplied as both High & Low resolution – $195
  • 12 Images supplied as both High & Low resolution – $225
  • 16 Images supplied as both High & Low resolution – $250
  • Twilight shoot add $95
  • All image enhancement included with no copyright or watermarks.