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Mornington Peninsula Wedding – RACV Cape Schanck Wedding

The Mornington Peninsula Wedding of Justin and Carlia’s was undoubtably one to remember. The Ceremony, or at least the first one, was held on the Rye Jetty and not just at the start of the Jetty but the very end which is about 250metres long. Now normally this wouldn’t be a problem but mother nature had a different idea. As Carlia arrived the sky was black! It was only a matter of time before the heavens opened up. As there wasn’t a second to spare she whipped her shoes off and proceeded to run down the jetty in the hope of getting at least through the ceremony before the rain came. Unfortunately that wasn’t to be. About 30 seconds into the reading from Felicity Kerr it started pissing down, rain, hail thunder, the works! Felicity did an amazing job in the circumstances but it just wasn’t going to happen. The legalities of the ceremony couldn’t be completed so everyone just bolted to try and escape the weather. Within 1 minute everyone was completely drenched! I must say that throughout the whole ordeal Justin & Carlia still had smiles on their faces, whether it was a case of disbelief I’m not sure but they certainly did an unbelievable job of keeping it all together. Well done guys, even though I was soaked from head to toe it was still a pleasure being there with you to capture such a memorable occasion.

Instead of heading off for our location photos we headed back to RACV Cape Schanck villas, where they were staying, to get dry and regroup. On the way back there a few calls were made and the text was sent out to the guests that the second ceremony would now take place inside at RACV Cape Schanck resort. So we had an hour to get dry before we did it all again. I must say it’s the first time I have ever been to a wedding and had to get my gear off. Everything I had on was thrown into the dryer, so there I was standing with the boys in only a towel. All we could do was laugh!

The second time around went off without a hitch, everyone nice and dry and warm. The crew at RACV Cape Schanck were extremely accommodating in helping making all this happen. It ended up being a lovely setting overlooking the golf course and this time the legal side of it was complete. From here we headed down to Cape Schanck national park. The guys or at least the Bride & Groom were keen to make the trek down the boardwalk to the beach, with once again the weather looking very bleak. It was blowing a gail and did start to rain again but the hard work paid off with some amazing photos to remember the day by.

The majority of these pics you see below were shown as a slideshow at the reception. I hope they give a good feel for the day and what actually took place. During Carlia’s speech she mentioned that she wouldn’t have changed anything that happened throughout the day. Neither would I, it was a crazy day, but I say that in the nicest way. Justin and Carlia are such a great couple and I did not hear them say a bad word all day about what had gone on and some would say they had every right to be a little upset. They weren’t letting anything spoil the day and I hope the photos that I captured made it all worth while, as other than memories, photos are all they’ll have to look back on.

Thanks again Justin and Carlia, I really hope you love the pics and this will be a wedding I will certainly look back on with a smile. It was truly an honour to be included in your day. Look forward to showing you the rest of the photos soon.

RACV Cape Schanck Wedding

Mornington_Peninsula_Wedding_RACV_Cape_Schanck001 Mornington_Peninsula_Wedding_RACV_Cape_Schanck002 Mornington_Peninsula_Wedding_RACV_Cape_Schanck003 Mornington_Peninsula_Wedding_RACV_Cape_Schanck004 Mornington_Peninsula_Wedding_RACV_Cape_Schanck005 Mornington_Peninsula_Wedding_RACV_Cape_Schanck006 Mornington_Peninsula_Wedding_RACV_Cape_Schanck007 Mornington_Peninsula_Wedding_RACV_Cape_Schanck009 Mornington_Peninsula_Wedding_RACV_Cape_Schanck010 Mornington_Peninsula_Wedding_RACV_Cape_Schanck012 Mornington_Peninsula_Wedding_RACV_Cape_Schanck013 Mornington_Peninsula_Wedding_RACV_Cape_Schanck014 Mornington_Peninsula_Wedding_RACV_Cape_Schanck016 Mornington_Peninsula_Wedding_RACV_Cape_Schanck017 Mornington_Peninsula_Wedding_RACV_Cape_Schanck018 Mornington_Peninsula_Wedding_RACV_Cape_Schanck019 Mornington_Peninsula_Wedding_RACV_Cape_Schanck020 Mornington_Peninsula_Wedding_RACV_Cape_Schanck022 Mornington_Peninsula_Wedding_RACV_Cape_Schanck023 Mornington_Peninsula_Wedding_RACV_Cape_Schanck024 Mornington_Peninsula_Wedding_RACV_Cape_Schanck025 Mornington_Peninsula_Wedding_RACV_Cape_Schanck026 Mornington_Peninsula_Wedding_RACV_Cape_Schanck027 Mornington_Peninsula_Wedding_RACV_Cape_Schanck028 Mornington_Peninsula_Wedding_RACV_Cape_Schanck029 Mornington_Peninsula_Wedding_RACV_Cape_Schanck030 Mornington_Peninsula_Wedding_RACV_Cape_Schanck031 Mornington_Peninsula_Wedding_RACV_Cape_Schanck032 Mornington_Peninsula_Wedding_RACV_Cape_Schanck033 Mornington_Peninsula_Wedding_RACV_Cape_Schanck035 Mornington_Peninsula_Wedding_RACV_Cape_Schanck038 Mornington_Peninsula_Wedding_RACV_Cape_Schanck040 Mornington_Peninsula_Wedding_RACV_Cape_Schanck041 Mornington_Peninsula_Wedding_RACV_Cape_Schanck043 Mornington_Peninsula_Wedding_RACV_Cape_Schanck044 Mornington_Peninsula_Wedding_RACV_Cape_Schanck045 Mornington_Peninsula_Wedding_RACV_Cape_Schanck046 Mornington_Peninsula_Wedding_RACV_Cape_Schanck049 Mornington_Peninsula_Wedding_RACV_Cape_Schanck050 Mornington_Peninsula_Wedding_RACV_Cape_Schanck051 Mornington_Peninsula_Wedding_RACV_Cape_Schanck052 Mornington_Peninsula_Wedding_RACV_Cape_Schanck053 Mornington_Peninsula_Wedding_RACV_Cape_Schanck054 Mornington_Peninsula_Wedding_RACV_Cape_Schanck055 Mornington_Peninsula_Wedding_RACV_Cape_Schanck056 Mornington_Peninsula_Wedding_RACV_Cape_Schanck057 Mornington_Peninsula_Wedding_RACV_Cape_Schanck058 Mornington_Peninsula_Wedding_RACV_Cape_Schanck060 Mornington_Peninsula_Wedding_RACV_Cape_Schanck061 Mornington_Peninsula_Wedding_RACV_Cape_Schanck062 Mornington_Peninsula_Wedding_RACV_Cape_Schanck063 Mornington_Peninsula_Wedding_RACV_Cape_Schanck064 Mornington_Peninsula_Wedding_RACV_Cape_Schanck066 Mornington_Peninsula_Wedding_RACV_Cape_Schanck067 Mornington_Peninsula_Wedding_RACV_Cape_Schanck068 Mornington_Peninsula_Wedding_RACV_Cape_Schanck069 Mornington_Peninsula_Wedding_RACV_Cape_Schanck070 Mornington_Peninsula_Wedding_RACV_Cape_Schanck071 Mornington_Peninsula_Wedding_RACV_Cape_Schanck072 Mornington_Peninsula_Wedding_RACV_Cape_Schanck073