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RACV Resort Inverloch Wedding – Rob & Rosa

Rob & Rosa tide the knot at their RACV Resort Inverloch Wedding on the 25th February 2017.  So we can get to know our couples a little better, we like to ask them about how they met, their plans for their wedding day and their future together.  Below are Rob & Rosa’s responses:
Q. When and how did you meet? And what were your first thoughts?

A. Rosa’s friend’s boyfriend was friends with Rob and while Rob was in America Rosa was stalking him on Facebook. No wonder his face looked familiar when she and her girlfriend saw him while they were shopping at Chadstone one day! Rosa asked her friend who he was and told her she was interested in him. Rosa, from a distance, had caught Rob’s eye too, he thought to himself “What a hottie!” Funny enough Rob saw Rosa’s friend within the next few days and he also told her that he was very keen to talk to or about? Rosa. When they saw one another at Chadstone they were not introduced and didn’t even speak to each other but Rob did then add Rosa as his friend on Facebook! Rosa’s first thoughts were that Rob was “Pretty alright!” He was different but oh so cute.It wasn’t an easy first date, Rosa needed some encouragement, so much so that she made several phone calls to her sister from the Knox City car park before she would even get out of her car! Get out of the car she finally did and met Rob at The Coffee Club. He was already lining up to order when she arrived, so she had no choice but to approach him. All the while feeling sweaty and nervous. She found that Rob had a calming presence and she felt instantly at ease. Rob offered to buy Rosa a coffee but she had to tell him that she didn’t drink coffee. He then admitted he wasn’t a coffee drinker either, strange place for a first date then huh but obviously it was a match made in heaven! Rob told me that it made him like Rosa immediately and they chatted away like they had known one another for years.

Q. When and how did the proposal take place and how did you feel?
A. On a holiday in Bali over Easter last year on a warm afternoon Rosa and Rob had been swimming in the pool, having some beers and generally enjoying themselves with the family. Rob suggested they head for the Potato Head Beach Club to watch the sunset before they set out for dinner at Motel Mexicola in Seminyak. Whilst Rosa was showering in preparation for their outing, Rob raced acrossed to Pina and Carmelo’s room to grab the ring they had been hiding and to ask if he could take Rosa’s hand in marriage. They arrived at Potato Head. They weren’t there very long when Rob insisted they go downstairs to the beach. They were almost on the sand when Rosa said, “I’m not going on the sand, I don’t want to get sand in my shoes!” Finally, Rosa agreed and as she stepped on the sand Rob asked Rosa to be his wife in front of both of their families and about 300 strangers too. Rosa felt that everything froze around her and doesn’t actually remember saying yes. All she remembers saying is “Hug me” and “Are you serious?” Obviously Rob was serious or we wouldn’t be here today and obviously Rosa said yes in some way for exactly the same reason.

Q. Where are you going on your honeymoon?
A. Bali first and then Los Cabos in Mexico.
Q. What are your future plans together (e.g. buying a house/starting a family)
A. Starting a family and renovating our home. Being happy and in love.
Q. Where is your ceremony and reception being held and why did you choose these venues?
A. RACV Inverloch resort, breath taking ocean view.
Q. What does your wedding dress look like? Please give a detailed description and also include any accessories including jewellery and shoes.
A. Strapless, with little pearl embellishments on top area, lace bodice, soft tulle skirt, fitted, drop flowy bottom, with long train.
Q. Do you have a Theme or style to your wedding? And if so, what is it?
A. Classic
Q. Hair & Makeup – please describe what your hair and makeup is like and who the suppliers are.
A. Hair loosely up with long veil, Hair By Rosie (cousin), Make up by Maria (sister) natural tones
Q. Who is the person conducting your service? (celebrant, minister, priest etc).
Q. Florist – what are your flowers like & who is the supplier?
A. White, blush and greenery is the colour scheme. Wilfred and Hunter.
Q. Wedding Favours & Cake – what are they like and who is the supplier?
A. Three tier with fresh flowers, Angielou cakes
Q. Transport – what mode of transport did you choose and who was the supplier?
A. Old holden, my Uncle is the owner
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