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Silverwater Resort Wedding – Robert & Penny

Robert & Penny’s Silverwater Resort Wedding was held on Saturday 6 February 2016.  The ceremony was held at Trenavin Chapel on Phillip Island.  Below are some words from the couple about their relationship and wedding day.

Q. When and how did you meet? And what were your first thoughts?
A. They met 7 years ago on the eve of the 2009 New Year.  Both attending a mutual friend’s party, Penny caught Robs eye as she walked in. He remembers thinking to himself; ‘If that girl over there is half as much fun, beautiful and outgoing as she looks, then it’s definitely someone I need to get to know’.  As the story usually goes, Rob worded up his friends who passed it on to Penny’s friends and soon enough the goss had spread around the party to Penny.
To begin with, she wasn’t really interested. Penny was more determined to be jumping into the pool at 12 o’clock rather than finding a midnight kiss.
Her friends convinced her to at least go and chat to him, so after a little bit of liquid confidence, she worked up the courage to go up and meet him.
Her first impression of Rob was that he was a quiet and calm kind of guy with amazing eyes. He was so intriguing and she knew instantly that this guy was someone special who she wanted to be around.
The rest of the night was history as they spent most of it sitting by the pool chatting away and getting to know each other. It didn’t take long for Rob’s first impression to turn into a forever impression.
Unfortunately due to penny’s stubborn-ness, Rob didn’t cut it for a mid-night kiss over the New Year celebrations, but he certainly stole one (or a few) later on that night!
Q. When and how did the proposal take place and how did you feel?
A. It was on Christmas Eve (2014), Rob and Penny had gotten home quite late from the Bunn family Christmas dinner.
A little tradition that Penny’s family had, was to open one present on Christmas Eve, which then became Rob and Penny’s family tradition from their first Christmas onwards. (Mainly because Penny can’t wait one more day to open her presents).  This year though they had decided that buying a house was amazing (and expensive) enough and so they wouldn’t bother doing presents for each other.
Penny had just put Kenzie down to sleep and had started to potter around getting organised for Christmas celebrations the next day, not even thinking about their Christmas tradition. After Rob finished unpacking their present filled car, he went up to Penny and asked her to go and sit on the couch as he had a little present for her.  Panicking, Penny thought to herself ‘oh no we weren’t doing Christmas presents this year, but he got something anyway and now I’m that bad partner who didn’t actually bother at all!’ So she started making any excuse that she could think of as to why they should just wait until tomorrow (not that that would make a difference as she would have time to get him a present… ) ‘I still need to make a salad for tomorrows lunch, and I need to pack Kenzie’s nappy bag, I haven’t tanned yet and I need to work out what I’m wearing to golf in the morning… “ etc.
Rob was persistent though, beckoning her towards the lounge room, sitting her on the couch and asking her to close her eyes. All while she continued to ramble on and make excuses so as not to confess that she hadn’t actually gotten a present for him.  He let her continue for a little while as he kneeled in front of her, eventually telling her to be quiet and open her eyes.  Holding the box open he started to make a little speech about how they’d been through so much together, he loves her so much and that this is the next step he wants to take with her… though Penny didn’t quite hear much as when she had opened her eyes to Rob kneeling with the Ring, she was overcome with emotion. She was lost for words as they hugged and kissed so Rob had to ask her to confirm ‘so that was a YES?’ which she responded ‘of course!’
Q. Where are you going on your honeymoon?
A. We plan to go to America for two weeks and then Mexico for one week afterwards.
Q. What are your future plans together (e.g. buying a house/starting a family)
A. We did things backwards.. We had Kenzie our 2 y.o then bought a house, so our wedding was also a celebration of how much Rob and I have grown together in the past 7 years and what we’ve achieved already. We plan to do more renovations on our house, and keep building on our happy home. We want to keep exploring and experiencing new things with each other, and perhaps in a little while another little Bunn to add to the family…
Q. Where is your ceremony and reception being held and why did you choose these venues?
A. Ceremony- over looking the beach on the hill outside Trenavin Chapel. Well prior to getting engaged we were driving past the driveway and noticed how beautiful it was, we got out to have a look and a sign on the gate read ‘Trenavin Chapel’. Rob joked that if we ever got married we could have the ceremony there. So when we got engaged and started planning that was the first (and only) place we organised to go and see. It was absolutely beautiful, even more so than we imagined. It was also a very calming place and we both knew instantly it was the prefect place for us.
Reception – Silverwater Resort San remo: We we walked out to the alfresco area onto the grassy hill and the sun was shining over the water, the place felt so relaxed and it was beautiful. The view was amazing. We weren’t too fussed about what the room looked like, as long as all our guest would fit. It was also great that our guest (mostly from Melbourne) could stay and make a weekend of it and really relax and enjoy the day.
Q. What does your wedding dress look like? Please give a detailed description and also include any accessories including jewellery and shoes.
A. Dress- Marisela: Tulle and lace mermaid dress with gemstone embroidery. Bodice with heart-shape neckline and very narrow straps embroidered with gemstones. Plunging V back and train with tulle godets.
Necklace- thin chain, square gemstone
Shoes- Silver shimmer points with straps
Bracelets: 1) thin silver chain – love heart, 2) three silver chains entwined, 3) silver beaded with dangling pearls, 4) little square diamontes connecting togther
Hair- White beaded hair piece and plain white veil
Ring- Engagement ring- silver, diamond with a wave of smaller diamonds over one side

Q. Do you have a Theme or style to your wedding? And if so, what is it?
A. An elegant Beach theme, with little touch of Navy blue

Q. Hair & Makeup – please describe what your hair and makeup is like and who the suppliers are.
A. Simple, natural and Beachy- By Beachside Hair and Beauty

Q. Who is the person conducting your service? (celebrant, minister, priest etc).
A. Fr Elio Capra and Celebrant – Regina Byrne

Q. Florist – what are your flowers like & who is the supplier?
A. Gyp (baby’s breath) bouquets for the bridesmaids and kenzie
and gyp (baby’s breath) with white roses for myself- Flowers of Phillip Island

Q. Wedding Favours & Cake – what are they like and who is the supplier?
A. We engraved Knives with our initials and wedding date as favours. The cake was two tiered, the bottom and white with a navy marbledeffect, top a sheer white and the cake topper ‘forever and always’

Q. Transport – what mode of transport did you choose and who was the supplier?
A. The Lincoln Limo – Highroller limousines

Q. Food & Drink – what are they like and who is the supplier?
A. Silverwater Resort – sit down dinner and drinks package, pre drinks and cheese platters also provided
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