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Wilsons Promontory Wedding – Andrew & Louisa

The Wilsons Prom wedding of Andrew and Louisa commenced with a beautiful ceremony held on the shores of Squeaky beach at the prom. With a little time in between for photographs on location and at Fish Creek, it was then on to the newly refurbished gippsland wedding venue of the RACV Inverloch. Following are some words from our bride and groom about their day.
When and how did you meet? And what were your first thoughts?
We met 11 years ago on a camping trip to Wilsons Prom with a group of mutual friends.
When and how did the proposal take place and how did you feel?
Andrew proposed to Louisa on 20 June 2012 just before we moved back to Australia after living in England for a couple of years. We were at his family home in the Peak District in the UK and went for a walk around the fields after dinner. The walk ends by crossing a river at the back of the house and instead of just crossing it, Andrew stopped in the middle of the river (we were wearing gumboots). He told Louisa that this part of the world held great meaning for him and he wanted it to have the same meaning for her. He said he had a ‘leaving the UK gift’ which he had hid by the river bank. He gave Louisa a small silver box with a blue john lid – blue john is a type of rock that can only be found in the Peak District – and inside the box was the ring. It had been his grandmother’s ring. After Louisa said “Yes”, Andrew pulled out a bottle of champagne he hid in the river with some glasses and they toasted.
Where are you going on your honeymoon?
Palau, Micronesia. Then back to the UK for Christmas with Andrew’s family and return via Singapore to have a traditional tea ceremony with Louisa’s family.
What are your future plans together (e.g. buying a house/starting a family)
Enjoying being back in Melbourne and what it has to offer, while working out what we are doing next.
What does your wedding dress look like? Please give a detailed description and also include any accessories such as bouquet and shoes.
White dress, red shoes and a bouquet of Gypsophila. Andrew hasn’t seen the dress yet so further detail is tricky. We also have gumboots for the beach.
What is the Theme or style of your wedding?
We have a literary theme with a book style invite, literary references in the ceremony and books as part of our table centre pieces.
Jewelry & Accessories (what are they and who is the supplier)
Louisa’s mother is giving her the jewelry as a wedding present and she only sees it on her wedding day.
Our wedding bands were designed and made by Brendan and Sarah of Studio Ingot on Brunswick St, Fitzroy. http://www.studioingot.com.au
Hair & make up
Hair and make up is done by Lib from Markese Hair. He has been Louisa and her family’s hairdresser for 10 years ever since he did her sister’s hair and make up for her wedding 10 years ago.
Wedding Favours & Cake
The wedding favours are daffodil pins from the Cancer Council Victoria as we donated to the Cancer Council on behalf of our guests.
The table centerpieces are glass pots of succulents which we potted ourselves and we hope our guests will take them home with them.
The wedding cake is made up of wheels of cheese which we sourced from The Epicurean at the Vic Market. http://www.qvm.com.au/shops-and-stalls/the-epicurean/
Invitations & Stationary
Our invitations are home made. They are little booklets to look like the orange Penguin Classics – we have a number of events happening the whole weekend and so each chapter in the book sets out the details of what is happening. These invites will then double as our guest book because it is designed with space for guests to write in them and return them to us. We will then bind them all together to form one bigger booklet. Andrew designed the booklets and we printed and bound them ourselves.
Food & Drink
RACV Inverloch Resort are supplying the food and drink at the reception. It is a 3 course sit down meal.
We have supplied Bollinger for the toast because Louisa likes champagne.
Any other supplier you would specifically like to mention:
Louisa’s mother, Anna Wong, is a civil celebrant and she is performing our wedding.
The bridesmaids dresses are from Wayne Cooper on Chapel Street who have been very helpful and accommodating.
Andrew is wearing Emporio Armani and Aquila shoes. The groom and groomsmen shirts, ties and pocket squares are from Declic at Chadstone Shopping Centre who greatly helped with their outfits.Wilsons_Prom_Wedding001 Wilsons_Prom_Wedding002 Wilsons_Prom_Wedding003 Wilsons_Prom_Wedding004 Wilsons_Prom_Wedding005 Wilsons_Prom_Wedding006 Wilsons_Prom_Wedding007 Wilsons_Prom_Wedding008 Wilsons_Prom_Wedding009 Wilsons_Prom_Wedding010 Wilsons_Prom_Wedding011 Wilsons_Prom_Wedding012 Wilsons_Prom_Wedding013 Wilsons_Prom_Wedding014 Wilsons_Prom_Wedding015 Wilsons_Prom_Wedding016 Wilsons_Prom_Wedding017 Wilsons_Prom_Wedding018 Wilsons_Prom_Wedding019 Wilsons_Prom_Wedding020 Wilsons_Prom_Wedding021 Wilsons_Prom_Wedding022 Wilsons_Prom_Wedding023 Wilsons_Prom_Wedding024 Wilsons_Prom_Wedding025 Wilsons_Prom_Wedding026 Wilsons_Prom_Wedding027 Wilsons_Prom_Wedding028 Wilsons_Prom_Wedding029 Wilsons_Prom_Wedding030 Wilsons_Prom_Wedding031 Wilsons_Prom_Wedding032 Wilsons_Prom_Wedding033 Wilsons_Prom_Wedding034 Wilsons_Prom_Wedding035 Wilsons_Prom_Wedding036 Wilsons_Prom_Wedding037 Wilsons_Prom_Wedding038 Wilsons_Prom_Wedding039 Wilsons_Prom_Wedding040 Wilsons_Prom_Wedding041 Wilsons_Prom_Wedding042 Wilsons_Prom_Wedding043 Wilsons_Prom_Wedding044 Wilsons_Prom_Wedding045 Wilsons_Prom_Wedding046 Wilsons_Prom_Wedding047 Wilsons_Prom_Wedding048 Wilsons_Prom_Wedding049 Wilsons_Prom_Wedding050 Wilsons_Prom_Wedding051 Wilsons_Prom_Wedding052 Wilsons_Prom_Wedding053 Wilsons_Prom_Wedding054 Wilsons_Prom_Wedding055 Wilsons_Prom_Wedding056 Wilsons_Prom_Wedding057 Wilsons_Prom_Wedding058 Wilsons_Prom_Wedding059 Wilsons_Prom_Wedding060 Wilsons_Prom_Wedding061 Wilsons_Prom_Wedding062 Wilsons_Prom_Wedding063 Wilsons_Prom_Wedding064 Wilsons_Prom_Wedding065 Wilsons_Prom_Wedding066 Wilsons_Prom_Wedding067 Wilsons_Prom_Wedding068 Wilsons_Prom_Wedding069 Wilsons_Prom_Wedding070 Wilsons_Prom_Wedding071 Wilsons_Prom_Wedding072 Wilsons_Prom_Wedding073 Wilsons_Prom_Wedding074 Wilsons_Prom_Wedding075 Wilsons_Prom_Wedding076