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[Yarra Valley Wedding] – Josh & Julia’s Album

Yering Station in Yarra Glen Victoria was the setting for this lovely wedding of Josh & Julia. This is one of our favourite venues if you are looking for a Wedding in Yarra Valley. I actually met these guys for the first time on their wedding day as I originally spoke with Julia over a skype session and luckily enough I must have made a half decent impression as they went ahead and obviously booked. This doesn’t happen a lot like this as most couples want to meet personally before the big day and I can understand the need but I was instantly comfortable speaking with Julia and knew it would be a relaxed and fun day! Thanks again guys, it was an honour!

We like to post some of our clients albums as much as we can (or rather when we can find the time) but in this case it was a must. I really wanted to show another fantastic finished design and explain a little of the thought process that goes into putting these individual hand crafted albums together. It’s easy for someone to just snap away madly at a wedding and then slap an album together but for us at Lens to Life its more about telling the story and thats exactly what we are on the wedding day…. story tellers!

The way our design process works is that we initially design each of our clients wedding album to what we believe is the best reflection of their wedding day story. So this usually involves anywhere from 30 – 60 sides to the album. After the initial design is complete we invite the couple into the studio for the album session in which they can make any changes they feel they need. So very importantly they obviously have the final decision. Therefore the following album layout is Josh and Julia’s final design and a stunning one it is.

With each of the following spreads I will, as I mentioned before, just explain a little more about the wedding day and our thought process in creating these fine art albums. I truly hope this also helps explain why you should always have a professional photographer capture such a special day.

Josh and Julia’s chosen album was a 10x14inch fine art designer album. Each page is printed onto the highest quality museum grade fine art paper using the highest standard of inks and for us there is no comparison when you can see the finished product. The timeless look and feel this sort of paper gives is incredible! They chose a distressed leather album with engraving that looks fantastic!

[Yarra Valley Wedding] Josh & Julia Page01

So into the album design. Each album starts with a beautiful shot of the couple together which we call the title page. This is an image that reflects the feeling and emotion the day holds. This was one of their favourite shots, obviously a very romantic warm image with the sun going down a little left and behind them. A great way to start the album.

[Yarra Valley Wedding] Josh & Julia Page02

The 1st double spread always starts with the bride and this is showing off some details in dress, flowers, shoes etc and even a beautiful make-up image. Followed by the getting into the dress, so we have detail of the back of dress, the girls fussing over the bride and a hair piece and vail shot.

[Yarra Valley Wedding] Josh & Julia Page03

Julia & her bridesmaids looked sensational so it’s obviously very important to show that and also the close connection of their friendship.

[Yarra Valley Wedding] Josh & Julia Page04

The room we photographed the getting ready images in had a big window with a thin curtain that allowed fantastic filtered light in. Perfect soft light to capture the beauty of Julia’s smile, dress, flowers etc

[Yarra Valley Wedding] Josh & Julia Page05

Final preparation shots of ear rings & bracelet and the anticipation and excitement. Then with family before heading off to the ceremony location.

[Yarra Valley Wedding] Josh & Julia Page06

A few details of the ceremony location showing off it being a garden wedding, including the arrival of Josh by Helicopter watched by family & friends. Then the boys having a laugh about the spectacular entrance.

[Yarra Valley Wedding] Josh & Julia Page07

A dramatic hero shot of the lads together starts the next spread followed by individual close up photos of the boys looking very smooth.

[Yarra Valley Wedding] Josh & Julia Page08

In most cases we actually capture a number of images of the guys getting ready but in this instance as they arrived by chopper we didn’t have that opportunity. We only had a couple of minutes before the girls were arriving so I think these images we did get of the boys were great and reflected what was going on.

[Yarra Valley Wedding] Josh & Julia Page09

The much anticipated arrival of the bride. Walking the isle with Dad, the boys standing nervously, the priceless expression of Josh as he see’s his soon to be wife, the complete bridal party and the family giving their blessings all create one great story. A large full page location shot of ceremony set up & guests is also essential.

[Yarra Valley Wedding] Josh & Julia Page10

The ceremony itself has a huge amount of feeling & emotion so we’ve tried to reflect that as best possible in only a limited amount of images. We have the expressions of the proud parents from different angles, a cute shot of the little flower girls, the undoubtable expression of happiness on both Josh & Julia’s face and a fav image of mine showing the unprompted and natural laughter. Following onto the exchange of rings and of course the kiss! Now this is storytelling.

[Yarra Valley Wedding] Josh & Julia Page11

Congratulation shots are always some of my favourites as we are able to capture the raw emotion of family love and in some cases relief that it’s over 🙂 We had a number of stunning images of the guys walking from the ceremony showered by rose pedals. This one was a stand out showing the joy of not only the couple but also the guests involved.

[Yarra Valley Wedding] Josh & Julia Page12

Goes without saying the family photos are essential, especially for Mum & Dad’s sake. In a lot of cases though these shots may be the only time they get all family members together and looking so fine. We always grab these images straight after ceremony as it is much easier then, rather than trying to round everybody up later in the day.

[Yarra Valley Wedding] Josh & Julia Page13

The majority of our images are directed in a way to make them feel as candid, relaxed and unstaged as possible, although we always get a formal shot of the bridal party. If cars are involved then thats a part of the day that also needs to be told.

[Yarra Valley Wedding] Josh & Julia Page14

Throughout the location/s session it’s all about relaxing, having fun and enjoying the time you have together before heading back to join the guests. Some beautiful timeless images together showing off their wedding location.

[Yarra Valley Wedding] Josh & Julia Page15

Followed by some fun bridal party images and it goes without saying, the more fun and laughter that goes on during this time the better the photos are.

[Yarra Valley Wedding] Josh & Julia Page16

With all of these spreads we try to tie in all the same colour & tones to help create a particular sensation or feeling. In this case it’s very warm and inviting with all images working together. On the far right we have Josh & Julia looking into the spread as if they are checking themselves out and admiring what they see.

[Yarra Valley Wedding] Josh & Julia Page17

Obviously during the location session we have a little more control to help us create these awesome fine art images. All of our couples are always so willing to take instruction as they know we are working our best to provide them with something they can look back on and admire for their lifetime. And this is something we do not take lightly.

[Yarra Valley Wedding] Josh & Julia Page18

Getting photos correct in camera is undoubtably the first step in creating our beautiful portraits. From here we have the ability to manipulate images to give them a completely different feel (the image on the left has been given a soft almost sepia like tone with added film grain) Timeless!

[Yarra Valley Wedding] Josh & Julia Page19

This spread is actually a more modern layout with it being what is called a magazine style. In order to get the double page spread of this cracking photo we needed the magazine style and that is the beauty of our albums, they are all custom designed for our clients. Love this photo showing off the venue with sun descending, a moment between the couple and the bridal party mingling in the background. It’s actually a 10 shot panoramic stitched together.

[Yarra Valley Wedding] Josh & Julia Page20

In not all instances are we required to stay for reception but we obviously did for Josh & Julia. This spread shows the entrance of couple and some important detail images as well as the emotion & fun of the speeches & the cutting of cake.

[Yarra Valley Wedding] Josh & Julia Page21

The first dance classic showing off venue and family & friends enthralled in the moment. Treasured images like dance with parents is also detailed and finally the fun of the bouquet toss.

[Yarra Valley Wedding] Josh & Julia Page22

To cap of the album is a perfect image to lead the imagination into the next stage of their lives.

So overall I hope this blog post helps people see the importance of using a professional photographer. It is essential that your photographer thinks about and shoots your wedding day to tell the complete story. These are images you have only one chance of getting right and they are the only thing you will have to look back on for the rest of your lives, other than memories. To many times we have heard clients of ours say that friends of theirs had ‘Uncle Bob’ or a ‘cousin’ shoot the wedding as he was an enthusiastic photographer and then we hear the regrets and horror stories afterwards.

We would love to hear any thoughts on this album or anything we have mentioned above or if you have any questions we would be more than happy to answer them.